Procurement and billing system

Achmea has a fixed procurement and billing system which ensures compliance with all laws and regulations. It also ensures that we pay all invoices on time and as agreed. This helps develop and maintain a sustainable relationship with our suppliers.

Central procurement system - SAP Ariba

We document the entire procurement process in a single system: SAP Ariba. This system ensures an efficient and thorough procurement process and enables us to process contracts securely.

Participate in an RFI or RFP through SAP Ariba

Achmea can invite a supplier to participate in a Request for Information (RFI) or Request for Proposal (RFP) through SAP Ariba. If you are already an Achmea supplier and have been invited by Achmea, please sign up and register through the website If you have not yet been invited to an RFI and/or RFP, you will be notified separately about this.

Supplier registration via SAP Ariba

Achmea asks new suppliers to register in SAP Ariba. The supplier's contact known to Achmea will receive an email invitation. The registration is key to properly setting up the entire procurement process. If any information changes, we ask the vendor to update it in the system.

Receiving orders via SAP Ariba P2P

Achmea has been using SAP Ariba to place orders since early 2023. Contracted suppliers will receive orders from SAP Ariba via email or the Ariba Network as of this date. We are rolling this out in phases. An increasing number of suppliers will receive orders through this route.


If you have any questions for Procurement, please send an email

If you have any questions for Contract Management, please send an email


This information is only intended for suppliers of business support services and products such as IT, Marketing and Communication, Data, Professional Services, HR, Facilities, etc.