Collaboration with suppliers

Achmea considers cooperation with its suppliers important. We want to know who our suppliers are and ensure they meet all the requirements. Together, we ensure that we get the maximum result from our collaboration.

Our relationship with suppliers

Achmea works actively with its suppliers. In principle, we use a contracted supplier for every purchase order. We can only deviate from this in consultation with the Procurement Department.

If we decide to work with a supplier, we will create a suitable cooperation model based on the type of service. By working actively with suppliers, we improve performance and get more value out of the contract.

The Contract Management and Procurement departments regularly work with the internal client to evaluate and develop the relationship with our suppliers. Together, we focus on value creation, process improvement, compliance, sustainability and innovation.

Procurement at Achmea

Procurement at Achmea is done through the Procurement and Contract Management departments of the relevant business unit. The Procurement department is responsible for the procurement process, and Contract Management is responsible for contract execution by the business unit. These two departments work closely together as a unit.

Procurement and Contract Management


Procurement is Achmea's procurement department for business support products and services. Together with Contract Management, Procurement coordinates and advises on the entire procurement process, from the identification of procurement needs, specification, selection and negotiation to the conclusion of a contract.

Contract Management

Every Achmea business unit has a Contract Management department. Together with the Procurement department, Contract Management is in charge of sending orders to suppliers. Contract Management manages the contracts after signing. Among other things, this involves:

  • ensuring proper billing;
  • monitoring supplier performance;
  • managing the risks involved with outsourcing our work.

Contract Management and Procurement jointly maintain relationships with internal and external suppliers. This creates value and ensures the sustainable maintenance of the quality, stability and continuity of Achmea's services.


Questions for Procurement

If you have any questions for Procurement, please send an email.

Questions for Contract Management

If you have any questions for Contract Management, please send an email