Achmea and a sustainable society

Society is changing. There are new challenges, chances and risks. Because we want tot stay relevant for our stakeholders, we find it important to act upon these changes. We therefore identify developments in society where we can make a difference.

Responsible investment

‚ÄčAchmea has a responsible investment policy. How do we take responsibility for the future of our planet, for people who have less and for the generations to come? For the insurance group and all brands we assess the investments with criteria in the areas of environmental, social and governance. As we look beyond the return.


Global temperatures rise and cause climate change. Our greenhouse gas emissions or CO2 emissions are the direct emissions that we are responsible for. It is in everybody’s interest to reduce our impact on the environment. Learn more about our environmental approach.

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PSI Principles for Sustainable Insurance

The insurance industry and the United Nations (UNEP FI) have agreed on principles for sustainable insurance. These have been laid down in the Principles for Sustainable Insurance (PSI). Being one of the initiators, Achmea signed the PSI in June 2012.

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