Sustainable employer

Achmea’s social policy gives substance to sustainable employership. We focus on preserving the value of people, organization and society. Our ambition for the social policy is reaching social, financial, societal and ecological results with an impact within and outside the organization, focusing on the short-term as well as the long term.

Sustainable employership means:

  • We allow for decent work, as defined by the International Labour Organization: Productive work, done out of free will in an equal, safe and dignified environment.
  • Our social policy focuses on retaining job security through a broad and sustainable employability for internal and external employees alike.
    A healthy work-life balance by allowing employees to mix working, learning, caring and relaxing.
  • Achmea strives to be a reflection of Dutch society, allowing for an inclusive culture and embracing diversity. Inclusivity means everyone can participate, feel involved and appreciated, through diversity.


Diversity charter

In 2019 Achmea signed the Diversity Charter, with which the necessity of a diverse workforce is emphasized and well-defined challenges are accepted.


Achmea is the co-initiatior of formulating the Workcode in 2019. This contains the starting points of realizing one single labor market for all working people, regardless of their contract.