What diversity, equity and inclusion mean to us

Inclusion refers to the creation of a work environment in which all employees feel welcome, valued and involved, regardless of their background, identity or experiences.

Diversity encompasses all of the unique characteristics of individuals, such as race, gender, age, sexuality, religion, nationality and many more. This is about recognising and valuing difference.

Equity means that all employees deserve equal opportunities and treatment, without being subjected to any form of discrimination or prejudice.

Importance of Inclusion

Inclusion is a catalyst for diversity. Talented people from diverse backgrounds who feel recognised and welcome will be more likely to stay. Conversely, if they feel they have to adapt in order to fit in with the majority instead of being themselves, then they are more likely to leave or drop out. In this event, investing effort and funding into attracting and retaining diverse talent is unlikely to be sustainable.


Equity means that everyone can participate and has access to equal opportunities. This enables employees to reach and exploit their full potential, fosters innovation, helps with the integration of different convictions and values, and ensures that everyone’s contribution is equally valued.