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We are the competence centre in the field of reinsurance within the Achmea Group. Many of our staff members have more than 15 years of experience in reinsurance. It is our ambition to be the group reinsurer that creates long term financial value for Achmea and contributes to the growth ambitions of Achmea by means of third party Life reinsurance.

As reinsurance competence centre for the Achmea Group, we have three roles: advisor, risk carrier and reinsurance buyer. We primarily serve Achmea group companies. These are the legal entities Achmea Schadeverzekeringen N.V., Achmea Pensioen- en Levensverzekeringen N.V., N.V. Hagelunie and the non-Dutch operating companies.

As risk carrier we also offer Life reinsurance to a selected number of third parties to further diversify our book of business and enhance the profitability of Achmea. We are located in Tilburg, the Netherlands.As risk carrier we also offer reinsurance to a selected number of third parties to further diversify our book of business and enhance the profitability of Achmea. We are located in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

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Annual Report 2023 Achmea Reinsurance Company N.V

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2023 Annual results Achmea Group

Today the Achmea Group presented its 2023 annual results. The operational result is € 628 million, showing growth in all segments. Achmea has made significant progress in its strategic execution, reflected in the growth of its customer base, revenue increase, high customer satisfaction scores and stronger market leadership in non-life and health.

At a glance:

  • Operational result increases with € 109 million (+21%) due to higher insurance result at Non-life, growth in interest margin Bank and higher investment returns.
  • Net result of € 814 million, underpinned by higher operational result and favourable development of financial markets.
  • Growth in all segments; premiums increased to € 22.3 billion. Strong revenue growth in international activities and retirement services revenues (both 21%). Assets under Management rose 12% to € 218 billion.
  • Solvency solid at 183%; decrease mainly due to business growth, market developments, model changes and repurchase of capital instruments.
  • Good NPS scores based on high appreciation for our employees and swift claim handling supported by strategic investments in data and digitisation.

Strong execution and realisation sustainability ambitions; both on our own footprint, as an investor and as a driver of social debate.

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The 2023 annual results of Achmea Reinsurance Company N.V. will be presented in April 2024, we shall inform you as soon as this information is available.

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2023 Interim results Achmea Group

As for the 2023 interim results the results over the first half of 2023 show strong growth in both premium income and result. Financial markets were less volatile than in 2022, which led to an improvement in the return on our investments. 
The social and economic context in which we operate nevertheless remains dynamic and uncertain. The operational results of Achmea Group has increased to € 405 million.

At a glance:

  • Operational result increased by € 165 million due to higher insurance service result at Non- Life, improved investment results and growth in interest margin at Retirement Services
  • Premium growth in all segments; increase of € 1.5 billion (8%) to € 19.9 billion. Assets under Management increased with 6% to € 206 billion
  • Solvency robust at 195%; decrease due to higher healthcare costs and impact of reinsurance programme renewal
  • Customer satisfaction remains high. Excellent NPS scores for our brands supported by investments in customer service and digitisation
  • Expenses increased (+11%) due to inflation, business growth, strategic investments, legislation and higher personnel costs
  • Financial reporting for the first time in accordance with new accounting standards (IFRS 9/17) impacts presentation of results; no change to underlying earning capacity and financial ambitions 
  • The result of Achmea Reinsurance Company N.V. had increased with € 37 million to € 10 million because of the absence of catastrophes.

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Corporate Governance

On 15 December 2010, the Dutch Association of Insurers (in Dutch: Verbond van Verzekeraars) published its governance principles, also known as the Insurers Code of Conduct.
The Insurers Code of Conduct sets out principles on corporate governance, risk management, audit and remuneration policy for application by Dutch insurers.
Achmea has chosen to report on the application of the Code of Conduct at Group level because of the structure of its organisation and the Group’s governance. Achmea is aware of the social aspects of its business and the role an insurer plays in society.


Therefore, Achmea fully endorses the Code of Conduct and sees it as an important step in restoring trust in the insurance sector, safeguarding stability and protecting the interests of all parties involved. More details on our compliance with the Code of Conduct are available in the relevant paragraphs in the Insurers Code of Conduct 2014 and in the chapter Governance in Achmea’s annual report.