Third Party Life business

Achmea Reinsurance has been writing third party Life reinsurance business for more than 20 years.
The Dutch team has been carefully expanding the life portfolio under the current business model since 2014 following the novation of business from our former Dublin based subsidiary. In 2016 we broadened our appetite to include Life & PA Catastrophe covers and proactively focus on risk from certain regions. Our aim is to grow the third party Life business in a balanced manner managing diversification across regions and products.

We focus on life reinsurance and retrocession business writing primarily mortality related risk in proportional and non-proportional forms, for example:

  • Yearly Renewable Term (YRT)
  • Excess of Loss per Person
  • Catastrophe/Excess of Loss per Event
  • Mortality Stop Loss
  • Quota share on biometric related risks

We work both directly with specially selected partners and via reinsurance brokers.

Five dedicated life reinsurance professionals cover all aspects of arranging and pricing third party business including contract negotiation. Client focus is ensured by the front end responsible reinsurance manager being deeply involved at all points of the process for new and renewing business.

The team also benefits from being an advisor to the Achmea Group on life reinsurance and accumulation risk projects. This enhances the technical strength of the team (which includes four actuaries), gives us experience in dealing with the full balance sheet and risk overview and helps us relate to our clients.