What Achmea does

Achmea’s diversity goals relate to gender (m/f), cultural diversity and offering opportunities to people who are distanced from societal participation (Social Entrepreneurship Performance; Prestatieladder Socialer Ondernemen, PSO).

Commitment to gender diversity 

Together with a number of other major employers, Achmea is one of the many signatories to the ‘Talent to the top’ (Talent naar de Top) charter and Diversity at Work. Our participation reflects our commitment to implementing an effective approach towards sustainably increasing the number of women in senior and executive positions. We take part in the annual monitor (which is a qualitative and quantitative investigation into gender diversity among the charter signatories). Growth will only be possible if we continue to pay attention to gender diversity.
Achmea believes it is important to improve the ratio of men and women in the company’s senior management (top) and executive (sub-top) positions. With respect to this, we define top management as the Executive Board, Directors’ Council and senior management. In 2023, the percentage of women in these senior management positions was 32% (goal for 2023: 32%). The percentage of women in sub-top (executive) positions was 31%.
Our recently established goal for 2025 for the gender ratio in senior management and executive positions is at least 35% women and 35% men.

Male/female ratio at Achmea on 31-12-2023


2023 2022 2023  2022  2023 
RvC  63%  63%  37% 37%
RvB 50% 50% 50%  50% 
Directieraad / Sr. Management 68% 70%  32%  30% 
Schalen J-K 69%  70%  31%  30% 
Totaal Achmea 48% 53%  52%  47%