Sustainable roof renovation at the Tilburg location

Interview with Hans van Vugt, Project Manager at the Facilities Company.

Hans van Vugt, Project Manager at the Facilities Company In Tilburg
The roofing in Tilburg of a part of the building, including the roof above the technical room and the terrace of the lunch area, is being replaced. This will be completed by the end of December. This will prevent future leaks. Hans van Vugt, project manager at the Facilities Company, explains what the work involves.

Hans, why does the roof need to be replaced?
A flat roof undergoes a lot of wear and tear. Frost and snow in the winter, hail and extreme temperatures like last summer, storm damage from fallen branches. It all means that a roof offers less and less protection, and the risk of leaks increases. The damage from a leak at home can already be significant, but with large roofs with a lot of technology underneath like this one, the damage can quickly amount to hundreds of thousands of euros. Not to mention what a leak can mean for the continuity of operations.”

How does it work?
We want a roof that can last for years. At the lowest possible cost. And it must, of course, be in line with our ambition of 'Climate-neutral operations by 2030'. One of our objectives is that 100% of the products and materials we purchase are circular. Quite a few requirements, so that means we first conduct thorough research. Some of the criteria we use include the level of protection, the lifespan of the materials, and the insulation value. But we also take a critical look at the sustainable ambitions and products and services of the suppliers.

The supplier we selected for the replacement of the roofing met all our requirements. For example, they recycle the old roofing materials. The mineral insulation that is released is returned to the manufacturer (Rockwool), the terrace tiles at the lunch area are not replaced but cleaned and reused. Excess tiles are processed into concrete rubble. The old PVC roof finish is processed into granulate pellets and is then reused for new products.

You may even see a piece of our old roof in your own new roof someday 😊.