Solidaridad (a global civil society organisation), Tanga Fresh (a market leader in dairy products in Tanzania) and Mruazi farm (2,000 hectare commercial heifer breeding unit) will implement 4 highly innovative business models that will propel the Tanzanian dairy sector forward economically and in a climate smart manner like no other intervention has done before. 

The smallholder dairy population of 6,000 farmers in Tanga Region is expected to double their milk production and income, and become more sustainable and climate smart by 2025.
Furthermore, by 2025, 25 Dairy Hubs will become profitable one-stop shops offering a range of affordable services demanded by farmers. Inspired by the Dutch polder settlement program of the 1950s and a recent settlement program in India, 50 dairy farm settlements will be established by 2025. 


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  • 2,034 dairy farmers (814 women) double their income (increased with €2,08 gross income/day and €759 gross income/year) by 2021

  • 3 dairy hubs, 3 commercial dairy farms, and 1 Commercial Fodder Production Centre operate in a financially viable manner by 2021

  • By 2021, investments are secured for scale up to 25 dairy hubs, 50 new dairy farms (settlements) and increased fodder production (from 25 to 100 hectares) towards 2025