About us

The Achmea Foundation was founded in 2006 and grew out of Achmea's cooperative background. Over the past ten years, the foundation has invested in initiatives that have succeeded in improving socio-economic conditions on the basis of cooperation and solidarity. We do this in the Netherlands and in rural areas in developing countries.

Focus on agriculture, healthcare and financial services

We invest in initiatives that are aligned with Achmea; founded as a cooperative insurance company for farmers, it has grown into a major financial services provider and the largest health insurer in the Netherlands. Our focus is therefore on agriculture, healthcare and financial services.

We believe that by making use of our knowledge and network, and through the correct use of financial resources, we can make the best-possible contribution to the success of the initiatives.

Aiming for impact

It is important that we invest in those initiatives that have the greatest impact on socio-economic conditions. Furthermore, we invest only in those initiatives which contain a potential business model. Initiatives need to be sustainable, in the sense that they can continue to operate independently and grow after any investment by Achmea Foundation, so that locals can continue to make use of the services and/or products in future.

An inclusive society

We advocate a society in which everyone can participate. We believe that you can best achieve this by empowering the local market and local people. The projects in which we invest call on the entrepreneurship and creativity of the local population.