How we work 

Our partners

The Achmea Foundation always works together with partners. These are organisations that possess specific expertise, that are aligned with our focus on agriculture, healthcare and financial services. We work together with a select number of strategic partners. These are partners that have both a presence in the Netherlands or a neighbouring country and a presence in the project countries. Moreover, we believe it is important that partners encourage financial independence and that any proceeds are reinvested in the projects. These partners may be NGOs, social enterprises or knowledge institutes with relevant expertise and experience.


If the organisation’s approach is aligned to that of the Achmea Foundation and there is confidence in the sustainable impact and feasibility of the approach, the proposal is examined in greater detail. In this phase, we conduct an analysis together with the board. This focuses on e.g. the needs of the population, the impact on the organisation(s) involved, the feasibility (in particular in relation to local conditions), finances, scalability and prospects for embedding the project in the long term. A detailed project proposal is ultimately presented to the board of the Achmea Foundation. The board then decides whether to invest in the project.

New initiatives

We reach our own conclusions as to whether an initiative and an organisation are aligned to the focus and strategy of the Achmea Foundation. We subsequently invite these organisations to submit an application. This modus operandi means that our time - and yours - is spent as effectively as possible.

Strategy document

The strategy document is approved by the Achmea Foundation board.

Agreements on cooperation

At the start of a project, we set out exactly what each party expects of the other. This includes at least the following:

  • How do we measure the impact on the socio-economic conditions of the final beneficiaries?
    It is important to know the impact on the local population; together we decide which indicators to use to this end. We use the SROIvan (Social Return on Investment) method to measure the impact.

  • What are our objectives?
    This might take the form of result targets, or objectives that relate to the process.

  • How will financing be arranged?
    We make clear and customised agreements on payments and reports. Our rule is that we pay out a maximum of 80% during the project and the remaining 20% after the board has approved the final report. The final report also needs to be audited externally. 

  • How does the Achmea Foundation remain involved in the long term?
    Communications between the two parties, interim reports and periodic meetings are one aspect of this.

How we work