The Achmea Foundation supports Humaniforest's Tiko Health Program

Clean drinking water and malaria control

Earlier this year, the Achmea Foundation announced three projects that will be supported by the Impact Fund. A 4th initiative has been added: Humaniforest's “Tiko Health Program.”

The Tiko Health Program project contributes to improving the health situation in Tiko (Cameroon) for the country’s approximately 6,000 households. The program also aims to lower the costs of healthcare for the households involved.

The team at Humaniforest is tackling this issue from two sides: on the one hand, the creation of clean water facilities that can help prevent diseases related to poor water quality. Humaniforest has already done this successfully in other places. On the other hand, Humaniforest is trying to reduce the risk of malaria through a new technique with EaveTubes from In2Care. The EaveTubes project, a joint venture between In2Care and The Achmea Foundation, is an innovation based on pipes installed in the wall with reusable mesh cassettes. Night-active malaria mosquitoes are lured by the EaveTubes, where they are trapped and killed with biocides.

Malaria is a pandemic in the tropical regions of the world, including the mangroves of Cameroon, which provide a fertile breeding ground for mosquitoes. The Tiko communities involved in this project, with more than 10,000 households and 60,000+ inhabitants, are in the heart of Cameroon's mangroves. In addition to malaria, water-related diseases (cholera, typhoid, diarrhea) represent a major burden on the health and expenditure of Cameroonian households.