Support in mental health care by a personal coach

Inuka aims to make mental health support more effective, accessible and affordable. We do this by training community heroes to become certified life coaches in a proven effective talk therapy, and connect them via our confidential chat-platform with people suffering from depression, anxiety and sleep problems. What makes us special is the method we train our coaches on, and that we provide professional supervision to ensure high-quality support. Our method was developed by Inuka co-founder Prof. Dixon Chibanda who has shown with clinical trials that he can train empathic people to give effective therapy, and has trained hundreds of people across Africa to currently help over 10.000 people a month. Inuka is the first to make this great innovation available everywhere with a digital platform. 



  • 10 trained coaches in Zimbabwe and 10 trained coaches in Kenya
  • 500.000 people in Kenya reached with social media marketing
  • 1000 users in Kenya completed a session and a minimum of 100 of sessions completed in Zimbabwe
  • Positive review of Inuka by participants in Zimbabwe, scoring a minimum of 3 starts on a scale of 1 to 5 stars