Zivver bij Achmea

Client privacy and data security are our number one priority. When Achmea and its brands send confidential information by e-mail, one of the options we use is Zivver. Zivver is a solution for sending e-mails securely. Zivver uses what is known as asymmetrical encryption, which means that only the sender and the recipient have access to our e-mail communication.

Zivver encrypts messages with sensitive content such as personal details, files or other information that you want to send securely. In addition, by using smart technology, Zivver prevents people sending sensitive information to the wrong person.

What will I notice as a recipient?

When Achmea sends you an e-mail via Zivver, you will receive a code by SMS text message
and an e-mail with a link. You can open the link and use the code you receive on your phone to open and read the e-mail.

Typically, an e-mail is stored on the server for a maximum of 30 days, after which it is removed. The sender can change this. The expiry date appears at the top of the opened e-mail.

How do I respond to an e-mail sent via Zivver?

You read the e-mail sent via ZIVVER on a secure web page. If you want to respond to the message, you can do so on the same page. By clicking on the “Reply” button you can type your response straightaway. You can also add an attachment using the paper clip button. Press the send button to respond.
You can find out more about Zivver by visiting www.zivver.com.
The website includes short videos explaining how to receive and read a message.
You can find out more about our privacy policy in our Privacy Statement.