Sustainable repairs

Together with our partners we are working to make the repair chain more sustainable. We do this by setting criteria when contracting our repair companies and by repairing the damage as sustainably as possible. With the aid of a digital intake, we conduct a remote damage assessment so that our repair companies have to travel less to do their intakes on location. In doing so we save on carbon emissions and restrict the amount of traffic.

Our network partners agree both to adhere to Achmea’s sustainability declaration and to possess ISO 14001 certification. ISO 14001 is the internationally-accepted standard that sets out criteria for an environmental management system. This means that these companies implement a sustainability policy.

In 2023 it is our ambition that:

  • All the relevant repair companies for homes have acquired ISO 14001 certification;
  • All the relevant repair companies for mobility have acquired the BOVAG Certified Sustainable or GroenGedaan quality seal awarded by Stichting Duurzaam;
  • The industry (incl. BOVAG, FOCWA) has drawn up a more detailed and tangible common set of terms and conditions for sustainable repairs. This includes the carbon footprint.