Executive Board

End responsibility for our sustainability policy, ambitions and climate transition plan lies with the Executive Board. The Supervisory Board supervises this.

In 2021, Achmea’s Executive Board set up the Achmea Sustainable Together programme to implement Achmea’s sustainability ambitions and corresponding plans and activities. The programme contains separate workflows for the different activities: 1. Insurance and services 2. Investments and financing 3. Internal business operations. In addition there are separate workflows involving the implementation of sustainability legislation, Achmea’s foreign operating companies and internal awareness. All the relevant business units are represented in the workflows. Each workflow

has defined long-term ambitions and translated these into annual targets and activities. Responsibility for each workflow lies with a member of the Achmea Directors’ Council.

Programme Board

The programme is under the direction of a Programme Board which supervises the implementation of the sustainability ambitions and monitors the progress. The Programme Board, which comprises the workflow chairs, directors of a number of business units and two members of the Executive Board, takes decisions on sustainability policy and plans. The Chief Risk Officer heads the Programme Board on behalf of the Executive Board and reports to it on a quarterly basis. All impactful decisions made by the Programme Board are presented to the Executive Board for adoption. A range of consultative bodies advise and support implementation of the workflows.

In addition to the programme, Achmea has a Sustainability department. The department is part of the Strategy & Transformation (S&T) division. The division chair of S&T reports directly to the CEO of Achmea.