Vereniging Achmea (Achmea Society) holds over 66% of ordinary shares. Every customer automatically holds a client membership at the Society. Stichting Administratie-Kantoor Achmea (STAK Achmea) represents our Dutch customers through Vereniging Achmea, and has issued depository receipts to them. Rabobank is Achmea’s second largest shareholder and holds over 31% of ordinary shares.

Shareholders capital

Achmea is not listed on any Stock Exchange. With a gross written premium of € 20 billion and a net profit of €630 million in 2020 leaves us in a strong financial position. Achmea B.V. is a private company with limited liability. Its statutory seat and head office are in Zeist, The Netherlands.

ShareholderVoring rights Capital rights
Vereniging Achmea (direct en via STAK Achmea) 62.93% 66.94%
Rabobank 29.28% 31.14%
Gothaer Allgemeine Versicherung  0.52% 0.55%
Gothaer Finanzholding 0.59% 0.63%
Schweizerische Mobiliar Holding 0.69% 0.74%
Achmea Tussenholding 5.98%  -