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HeldCare is a development path for innovative initiatives in healthcare and welfare. Under the guidance of experts and experienced coaches, ten healthcare and welfare enterprises work within HeldCare on increasing and accelerating their positive impact.   


Volunteer work by Achmea employees

The Achmea Foundation applauds the fact that Achmea employees do volunteer work. To this end, the foundation has a budget for a maximum of 20 Achmea employees per year. They receive a donation of a maximum of EUR 5,000 for a volunteer organisation in which they are personally involved.




Better seeds and training yield a bigger harvest

Partner: ICS
Partner: Bima

Saving for retirement

Accessible savings product for informal sector in India

Partner: Enviu

Improving agricultural cooperatives

By improved market sales and grain storage

Partner: Eucord

Flying food program

Setting up insect farming in Kenya

Partner: TNO

Healthcare and agriculture

Improving access to healthcare and agricultural productivity at cooperatives in Burundi

Partner: Louvain coorperation

Mobile connectivity

Using mobile phones for improved diagnosis, treatment and payment in case of infectious diseases

Partner: PharmAccess

People Pension Trust

Setting up micro-pensions in Ghana

Partner: Enviu

Construction of barns

Structural investment in agricultural projects in Rwanda

Partner: One Acre Fund

More jobs in agriculture

Jobs in agriculture for women in India

Partner: Woman on Wings


Protection for malaria

Partner: ln2care
Partner: Solidaridad

Safe water

Optimization tool for crisis zones in sub-Saharan Africa

Partner: Artsen Zonder Grenzen