Sustainability according to Achmea

Together with our customers, partners and relations, we strive to solve major social issues related to health, living & working, mobility and income. This is how we create sustainable value for our customers, our employees, our company and society at large. Previous generations could count on us. Future generations can do the same.

Sustainability ambition

Achmea stands for Sustainable Living Together. We strive for a sustainable and inclusive society in which we enjoy living together and no one feels left out. Achmea wants to make sustainable solutions accessible to everyone. In addition, climate action is an important theme for us. We are therefore committed to climate-neutral business operations by 2030, a climate-neutral investment portfolio by 2040 and a climate-neutral insurance portfolio by 2050 at the latest. Read in our climate transition plan how we are working to achieve our climate ambitions.

Sustainability is decisive in everything we do

Sustainability is an integral part of Achmea's strategy. It guides everything we do. We look at environmental, social and governance aspects. We want to help our customers and society to become resilient to the consequences of climate change. And we are committed to combating further climate change. Based on our social role, we also have an eye for the social aspects of sustainability.