Responsible investment guidelines

We aim to create long-term social value through our investments. We do this by applying national and international guidelines on responsible investing. Those guidelines are set out below. We use a range of instruments to implement the guidelines in the investment process, including the Exclusion Policy, engagement, voting, ESG integration and impact investing. We also expect our service providers to act in line with the guidelines and to work with us on achieving our objectives.

Global Compact (UN)

Achmea checks its responsible investments against the United Nations’ Global Compact and uses the principles as guidelines when conducting engagement and executing part of the exclusion policy. The Global Compact encompasses the Universal declaration of human rights, the ILO declaration on fundamental principles and rights at work,  the Rio declaration on environment and development and the UN convention against corruption.
As member of the Dutch Association for Insurers, Achmea endorses the Dutch Agreement on Energy for Sustainable Growth. We do this by, among others, investing in renewable energy and to engage with companies in which we invest about reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.

​Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)

Achmea endorses the United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). These encourage the integration of environmental, social and governmental criteria (ESG criteria) within the investment process and responsible ownership through the equity portfolio.

The Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) are available here.



Requirements for investments in real estate

‘GPR Gebouw’ is applied to investments in real estate. It is used to test the sustainability of real estate in respect of energy, environment, health, usability and future value. More information can be found on

BREEAM is also used. See for more information.


We have incorporated these treaties and initiatives into our Engagement Guidelines: concrete normative rules that we use as a guideline for dialogue with companies. We also use other general and industry-specific guidelines.