Impact investing

Achmea also undertakes impact investing. We invest in funds focusing on clean technologies, sustainable energy and micro-financing. The emphasis is on a socially responsible spin-off, without making concessions in expected returns. We invest in these funds:
SNS/Developing World Markets Microfinance fund
Triodos Microfinance fund
Triodos Food Transition Europe Fund
LeapFrog Micro Finance Fund
Triodos/Women’s World Banking Microfinance fund
Triple Jump Innovation fund
See the most recent MVB SRI reports for more information on our impact investing.

Health Economics Fund

Achmea and an investment company, Life Sciences Partners (LSP), have set up the LSP-Health Economics Fund (LSP-HEF). Achmea has made €50 million available for this.

Green Bonds

Another way to shape impact investing is to invest in ‘Green Bonds’. These are bonds whose proceeds are used for predetermined sustainable objectives, for example projects with positive environmental spin-offs, such as renewable energy. Achmea only invests in bonds that meet the standards of the Green Bond Principles to ensure as far as possible that the proceeds are used as intended. Achmea has stated in the mandates for relevant asset managers that some investments should be in Green Bonds.