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Syntrus Achmea has chosen to invest sustainably with a financial and social return. A sound Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policy is vital to this. Not just fine words but clear decisions based on concrete objectives.

We invest with purpose, with an eye for people, the environment and society. We believe that investing in sustainable real estate and mortgages is the way to achieve a stable financial return in the long term, combined with making social impact for our customers while minimising risks. Our ESG policy is a key part of our strategy and so we are working towards a sound financial base and an attractive environment for our customers (and their customers).

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Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

In 2015, the 193 member states of the United Nations established seventeen global objectives (the Sustainable Development Goals) to bring an end to extreme poverty, inequality, injustice and climate change.

As an investment manager, Syntrus Achmea wants to work with our investors to contribute to these ambitious goals, within the context of the local real estate and mortgage market. Consequently, in 2017 we selected the Sustainable Development Goals we will be working on in the next few years:

3. Good health and well-being
7. Affordable and clean energy
11. Sustainable cities and communities
12. Responsible consumption and production
17. Partnerships for the goals

Our ESG themes for 2020-2030

We have identified four ESG themes:

1. Investing in tomorrow’s world
2. Intensifying relationships with stakeholders
3. Providing optimum service and products
4. Encouraging innovation

Our ESG themes are presented in this video


Pillars of our strategy-based ESG policy

Our ESG policy rests on five pillars that follow from Syntrus Achmea’s corporate strategy:

  1. We want to have a positive impact on society by investing in towns that are pleasant to live in. These are towns where sustainable development has priority. Towns that take account of future generations, social-demographic change, climate change adaptation and technological developments. Thanks to our involvement, we have an influence over the local environment and encourage social cohesion.

  2. We make both a social and a financial return for investors. We are service-focused and reliable. By imposing high quality standards on our internal organisation, suppliers and service providers, we give our investors peace of mind. We are pioneers in managing social and environmental impact. In this way, we give purpose to investment. Each year we assess our sustainability performance in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB).

  3. We offer our staff a dynamic, sustainable and healthy workplace. Together, we work on optimal customer satisfaction for investors, tenants and mortgage customers. We encourage active co-operation and a high degree of employee engagement in the organisation. Inspiring each other, co-operating and giving feedback are the focus of our approach: we are moving ahead. In this way, we want to be an attractive employer.

  4. We stand for attractive and sustainable real estate. Not only for the users of the buildings but also for the surrounding area. As a result, we are working on a Syntrus Achmea quality standard: services that reassure, help and make it easy for the users of the buildings to make sustainable choices. In addition, we are working actively with our managers on future standards for real estate management. We are also implementing smart tools to improve the health of users of the buildings.

  5. We have a good reputation as a sustainable mortgage provider. We offer consumers insight into ‘green’ opportunities to reduce their impact on the environment. By actively supporting our customers when their personal or financial situation changes, we reduce or avoid payment arrears. For our own good and we also ask this of our intermediaries.

 Our ESG strategy Investing in tomorrow's world Intensifying relationships with stakeholders
Providing optimum service and products
Encouraging innovation
1. Positive impact on society Climate change Urban partner initiatives Improving quality of life score  Investing in innovation
2. Best investment manager in the Netherlands GRESB performance
Customer satisfaction Financial out-performance New investment products
3. Best employer CO2 neutral operations Employee engagement Sustainable office Training and development 
4. Attractive and sustainable real estate Energy labels Tenant satisfaction Sustainable acquisitions Smart homes
5. Sustainable mortgage provider Energy-saving measures Intermediaries’ satisfaction Active support  More sustainable homes