Responsible investment

​Achmea has a responsible investment policy. How do we take responsibility for the future of our planet, for people who have less and for the generations to come? For the insurance group and all brands we assess the investments with criteria in the areas of environmental, social and governance. As we look beyond the return.

Consciously invest

​As a major investor, we invest the funds we earn from our insurance business – including premium funds – at our own risk and expense. In addition, we invest the funds entrusted to us by our customers, including monies from the pension funds we manage and funds held in our clients’ investment accounts.

Five pillars for responsible investment

​As an institutional investor, Achmea aims to invest its assets responsibly and at its own risk, so as to be able to influence the behaviour of the companies in which we invest, which we believe is part of responsible financial chain management. Achmea therefore advises its clients to invest responsibly, and they have the option whether or not to heed this advice. The five cornerstones of our policy are (Dutch):
1. Exclusions
2. Dialogue (i.e. (enhanced) engagement)
3. Voting at shareholders' meetings
4. ESG integration
5. Impact investment

Shareholder engagement and voting

​As an institutional shareholder, Achmea wants to conduct its corporate responsibility through shareholder engagement. Achmea will encourage good corporate governance and corporate social responsibility through an active dialogue with companies it invests in.

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Responsible investment in figures

An overview of responsible investment figures of Achmea and its operating companies can be found in our annual report.
Download a​n overview of the top 25 of our biggest investments at our own risk. These biggest investments account for about 38% of our total portfolio.