Principles for Sustainable Insurance

The insurance industry and the United Nations (UNEP FI) have agreed on principles for sustainable insurance. These have been laid down in the Principles for Sustainable Insurance (PSI). Being one of the initiators, Achmea signed the PSI in June 2012.

​Launching PSI will put the essence and relevance of insurance back on the map. Above all, insurance is about sustainability, about safeguarding everyone’s future. At the basis lies sustainability: together we share the risks we cannot bear alone

Willem van Duin, Achmea’s chairman of the board - 2012 CSR report

Sustainable insurance

​Great responsibility comes with insuring more than 8 million people in the Netherlands. Our insurance and services need to contribute to our customers’ lives, as well as control current risks: growing healthcare costs, population ageing and climate change.

In our annual report 2014 can be read how we implement the PSI.

Which insurers support PSI?

The Principles for Sustainable Insurance were introduced at the Rio+20 Climate Conference in Rio de Janeiro. Among the near 30 insurers worldwide who have signed the principles, are 5 insurers in the Netherlands: Achmea, AEGON, ING, Delta Lloyd, and Zwitserleven. You may find more information on the Principles for Sustainable Insurance at