What are we doing ourselves?

Our ambition is to have completely climate-neutral operations by 2030. Several initiatives are bringing the achievement of that objective closer.

We are, for example, reducing the carbon footprint of our buildings by minimising energy consumption and generating our own energy. All electricity that we purchase is generated from running water (hydropower). In Apeldoorn, there are more than 3,800 solar panels  on the roof of the Centraal Beheer building and on a carport above a parking lot. The Apeldoorn and Leiden locations have an ATES (Aquifer thermal energy storage) installation. Part of the building in Tilburg is equipped with this. In addition, the Interpolis building in Tilburg has a green roof. The Achmea building in Leeuwarden is actively piloting a connection to the source of the local district heating network.

We only buy circular furniture and other products and have also set sustainability requirements for our suppliers according to ISO standards. In addition, we are making our mobility policy more sustainable, for example, by encouraging the use of public transport, smaller electric vehicles and pool cars, and we also offer a bicycle plan.

We are eager to add more and more sustainable initiatives to our policy.
We are confident that we will have completely climate-neutral operations by 2030.