Responsible investment

Achmea is a large insurer and pension fund manager and therefore a large investor. We invest the funds we receive from our insurance activities, such as premiums, for our own account and risk. 
We also invest the assets that customers entrust to us through Achmea's own asset manager, Achmea Investment Management. Achmea makes these investments in a socially responsible way. Achmea, together with a number of other financial institutions, has also committed itself to the 
Dutch Climate Agreement.

Achmea contributes to the transition to a climate neutral economy through its investment policy. This means, for example, that we enter into discussions with companies about their role in the energy transition and the reduction of their CO2 emissions.

Achmea also excludes companies from investment that do not contribute to Achmea's social objectives. For example, Achmea excludes companies that generate more than 30% of their revenues from coal or extracting oil from tar sands, or from the use of coal or oil from tar sands for the production of electricity.