Products and services

We have been solidly anchored in society as a co-operative insurance company since 1811. The solidarity principle, where risks are shared, has been one of our fundamental values since the beginning. New services focused on prevention are needed to maintain the insurability of our customers and so we have to offer our customers a framework for action to cope with those risks.
We want our customers to be able to live and do business safely. For example, Interpolis offers Green roofs to combat climate damage and Centraal Beheer is installing solar panels to accelerate the energy transition at customers. Achmea has also jointly founded BlueLabel, a service for towns to proactively identify and so anticipate damage from flooding and heat.

We also offer green financial solutions for later such as mortgages and savings products and are trying to make the energy transition as affordable as possible for SMEs and private individuals. Centraal Beheer gives simple tips on prevention so you can start to manage climate-related risks.

As well as offering sustainable products and services, we offer our customers ongoing information on climate-related risks and what action they themselves can take. In order to share the latest developments with our customers, we are working closely with relevant partners such as leading knowledge institutions, government authorities and companies.