A number of benchmarks measure our sustainable achievements and compare them with those of other organizations. Do you want to learn more about our sustainable performance?
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"Dutch financials are more than averagely transparent. Achmea is one of the most transparent in its sector."

The Dutch government asks us to be transparent about our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy. Good reporting on CSR efforts helps to open up the dialogue between our company and our stakeholders. Moreover, constructive criticism from stakeholders can help us improve. Through the Transparency Benchmarking research, the Ministry of Economic Affairs (EA) aims to offer insight into the way Dutch companies report on their CSR activities. In 2017 Achmea ranked 34st with 183 points (out of 200) out of the 477 biggest companies in the Netherlands.
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"Achmea qualifies as Industry Leader of the insurance industry regarding sustainability."

Sustainalytics is a global leader in sustainability research and analysis, serving investors and financial institutions around the world. Sustainalytics reviewed our activities in 2016 and qualified Achmea as Industry Leader (top 5&), based on its overall ESG performance relative to peers. It has a Leader position on ‘social’ and ‘governance’ and qualified as an Outperformer on ‘environment’.
Achmea BV exhibits strong ESG policies and management systems, reflecting a commitment to mitigating related risks and impacts. Furthermore, as a signatory to key sector initiatives, Achmea BV's initiatives to promote responsible finance exceed industry norms and include an exceptional number of SRI strategies that apply to both proprietary and third party assets. However, Achmea can further improve by implementing the same level of commitments in its underwriting business.

Regarding customers, Achmea set objectives to improve customer satisfaction across all insurance subdivisions and has implemented comprehensive mechanisms to receive and investigate complaints. Achmea is not implicated in any significant product-related controversies, which is extraordinary in the sector. The insurer can further improve by disclosing customer-related ESG risk management measures, as well as setting executive accountability into product development. Overall, Achmea BV belongs to the best performing companies in the industry and is therefore relatively well positioned to anticipate future social and environmental macro developments that may affect the insurance industry.


Achmea showed largest progress in sustainable investment policy.

The benchmark of the Dutch Association of Investors for Sustainable Development (VBDO) is a key indicator in establishing whether our sustainable investment performance meets the standard, and in 2017 Achmea kept the fifth place in this benchmark. We aim to maintain our top-5 position.