Financial Results

Willem van Duin, 16th of August 2018

"Achmea is well on track to achieve its ambitions in the period up to 2020. In order to further improve our services to our customers we are investing in innovation and continue to evolve into a leading financial services provider, one which will remain relevant to its customers and to society in the future as well.

The results over the first half of this year were strongly affected by the claims arising from two severe storms that passed over the Netherlands in January. The storms caused a great deal of distress and damage to our customers, who we were able to provide with good assistance. The total claims resulting from these storms amounted €116 million. Despite this substantial amount in damage claims, we realize a pretax profit of 200 million euros over the first six months of 2018. Adjusted for these damage claims, our operational result increased over the first half of this year. Our result improved due to written premiums, further cost reductions and higher investment returns. Our solvency ratio is robust and increased to 191%.

Notwithstanding the sound progress made over the first half of this year, continued focus on realising our ambitions and further improving our result remains important. After all, insurance is inherently linked to dealing with uncertainties. One recent example being the widespread damage caused by the January storms. We are well prepared for such situations and will continue to implement our strategy towards 2020, which enables us to create sufficient future capacity to continue investing in improving our services to our customers. A continuous focus on cost reductions is a significant part of this. Our expectation is that the execution of our plans will lead to a further improvement in our result."

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