​On this page you can find our Annual Report and our Solvency and Financial Condition Report. The Annual Report is split up into three separate parts in order to accommodate our different stakeholders and to enhance legibility and accessibility.

Part 1 - Annual Review

Part 1 is the Annual Review. With this document we aim at a broad target audience and provide information about our company and its history, the formulated strategy and our position in the market as well as our future goals and objectives.

Part 2 - Year Report

Part 2 is our Year Report and this report is of a more financial nature. It contains the main financial developments and our financial statements as well as topics relevant to our governance.

Part 3 - Supplements

​‘Supplements’ is the third part of our Annual Report and it contains our reporting on sustainability information as well as appendices to other parts of the Annual Report.


Additionally we also publish our Solvency and Financial Condition Report in which we provide an in-depth look at our company’s financial position from a Solvency II-perspective. Furthermore we also publish a summary of our SFCR and disclose our Quantitative Reporting Templates.