Capital Markets Day

On 01 June 2017, we hosted our annual Capital Markets Day at our offices in Leiden, the Netherlands.

Strategy of the group

​Chairman of the Executive Board, Mr. Willem van Duin opened the day with a presentation on the strategy of the group. Van Duin mentioned that since 2008 Achmea has consistently improved its business fundamentals with successful completion of two change programmes over the years. “The new planning period bears the motto ‘Delivering Together’ and runs until 2020. Our strategy is clear, and we will continue to implement it over the next several years, with ‘customer relevant’ and ‘trendsetting’ being two keywords,“ Van Duin said.

With ‘Delivering Together’ we build on our improved business fundamentals and for 2020 we aim to realize four key ambitions. First of all, we aim to further improve our products and services for our customers, supported by innovations. We will continue our current strategy and will make adjustments where necessary in order to improve our results. A further reduction in expenses by roughly €200 million and, inevitably, the reduction of around 2,000 jobs, is part of the plans we have in place. We aim to increase our returns in order to be able to continue investing in innovative services for our customers and in order to maintain our financial health. We aspire to realize our operational result ambition of €600 million and aim to keep other key financial ratio’s in line with S&P IFS rating “A”.

Finance and Solvency II

Mr. Michel Lamie, Chief Financial Officer of Achmea, gave a presentation on Finance and Solvency II. Lamie specified our financial ambitions also on the level of the Free Capital Generation which, according to plans, should reach €400 million in 2020. “Under several scenarios our solvency II ratio at group level will remain solid and our capital base resilient,” Lamie added.
He also gave a more in depth look at the various initiatives we have undertaken at our five business lines: Non-life, Health, Retirement Services, Service Organization Pension & Life (closed book) and International. Every segment has a specific role, responsibility and aspired result contribution. Our operational improvements will positively impact financial ratios, Mr. Lamie said, pointing at the improving Fixed charge coverage and Debt leverage ratios.

Pension & Life

After the two presentations about Achmea as a group, a presentation on our service organisation Pension & Life (closed book) was given by Mr. Frans van der Ent, chairman of the Pension & Life division. Van der Ent showed that Pension & Life insurance will provide a stable long-term income for Achmea and that by unlocking the potential for further cost efficiency, there is even more upside. He mentioned that Achmea has a strong track record with running a closed book, whereby complexity and costs are reduced and at the same time, the high level of service for customers is maintained. “Keeping customers satisfied, minimizing costs and keeping our colleagues motivated, are key parameters for handling  closed book, “ Van der Ent said.

Achmea Non-life

Mr. Michiel Delfos, divisional chairman of Achmea Non-life mentioned in his presentation that profitability improvements are supported by both market conditions as well as our remedial actions. “We have a market leading position in property & casualty insurance and a top-3 position in income protection. As market leader we can set premiums, we have a range of initiatives in place to lower claims and combine these with measures to keep our position of low cost leader in the market. This all means that our profitability will grow as a result,” Delfos said.


The presentations were concluded that day by Ms. Fleur Dujardin, director of the fully online insurer InShared. In her presentation, she portrayed InShared as a successful challenger working on an unrivalled digital platform. "InShared has introduced a new standard in insurance and proves that insurance can be more honest, easier and cheaper. We believe self-service is the best service for our clients. Our digital platform is scalable, both for our own operations and for other players in The Netherlands and internationally," Dujardin said.The success of InShared shows that Achmea is indeed able to truly innovate its business and launch new insurance concepts.