Shareholder engagement and voting

​Achmea as an institutional shareholder conducts its corporate responsibility through, among others, shareholder engagement. Achmea encourages good corporate governance and corporate social responsibility through an active dialogue with companies it invests in and through using the right to vote on shareholder meetings.


​The topics raised in such dialogue stem from internationally accepted codes of conduct, on which company data is publicly available and which are material from a shareholder value perspective. Another important element of engagement is to comply via active voting. The execution of the voting policy is outsourced to Achmea Investment Management. The voting process is implemented by a corporate governance overlay via Achmea Investment Management on the worldwide equity portfolio.
Achmea abstains from shareholder activism as shown by a number of activist parties but can vote against management if this is in the interest of the value of the investments. Regarding our active shareownership we are guided by our fiduciairy as well as our corporate social responsibilities.
For information about our responsible investing policy, please explore (in Dutch) Verantwoord beleggen. Forthe quarterly engagementreports, see the website with information about our policy regarding Engagement (in Dutch).

Voting from September 2014

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Detailed voting reports Robeco - Till September 2014