The aim is to provide more Ghanaians with accessible, affordable and good healthcare. This is possible via the teledoctor. 
Swedish organisation BIMA has set up what it calls Bisa doctors. These give Ghanaians and their families the option of unlimited and direct contact with properly trained doctors. They can take out a subscription to the service. Doctors can give advice over the phone and if necessary refer patients to a nearby doctor or hospital.

The advantage of the teledoctor is that customers have access to high-quality healthcare. People who would not normally make a doctor’s or hospital appointment - due to distance or cost - can now easily consult a doctor by phone. This can also help reduce demand for emergency services, as fewer people travel to hospital unnecessarily and in doing so incur unnecessary costs or create long queues at hospitals. Bisa doctors are therefore a complementary service on top of the Ghanaian healthcare system.

An extension of the teledoctor service is the live screenings. These are sessions at which people are encouraged to undergo a health check. This currently comprises checking blood pressure and screening for hepatitis B. BIMA wants to expand this to include diabetes testing and improved eye screening. The Achmea Foundation is helping to make this expansion possible.


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  • 28,000 people receive a screening once they have signed up to the BIMA teledoctor service.

  • These 28,000 people can obtain unlimited medical advice by phone for a whole year.

  • The financial sustainability of the BIMA teledoctor service is increased.