Sevi’s main aim is to create digital trust for financial services in low- and middle-income countries. Currently low digitalisation of the financial sector and a general lack of trust in the economy, leads to an expensive and exclusive financial system. Sevi is an IT platform and app for credit providers, that makes their financial services (loans, transactions etc.) more efficient, transparent and with lower defaults. This enables these credit providers to provide more affordable loans to low-income customers and serve them faster. 

In line with the global digitalisation trend in the financial sector, Sevi provides mobile financial services, based on which a digital Trust score is created. Hereby Sevi has a specific focus on saving and loan groups and is the first company that has successfully digitalised and transformed the group lending process and solidarity mechanism behind it. Sevi received a loan from Achmea Foundation to further validate its model and prepare its operations for scale in Kenya and beyond.