Ninety percent of people in India work in the so-called informal sector. This means that employees are not covered by labour laws or social security. People have little or no financial security and few options for setting money aside for the future.
The problem is that there are few suitable savings products available to these people. Moreover, few people are aware that such products exist. As people have no money set aside, high essential expenses are often funded via expensive loans.

With a view to enabling this group of people to set aside money, Enviu is introducing: Goal Savings India. Goal Savings India makes saving accessible. People can save, for instance, for education, investment in their own business, healthcare or their retirement. In offering this service we are working to create financial self-sufficiency. 


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  • In 5 years, one million Indian families will be able to put aside money

  • They will receive an average of 6.4% interest over their savings

  • In setting aside money, fewer people will have to borrow money for education, family events or investment in their business