Increased income and health for smallholder farmers 

EUCORD stimulates cooperatives in Mali with their production of crops that have a guaranteed market demand by grain storage and the improvement of sales.

The project is focussed on the following goals: improving the income of smallholder farmers and their families and diminishing and preventing malnutrition of the local population in the region Sikasso, by means of kitchen gardens and nutrition centers.


EUCORD enlarges the access to financial sevices via a warranty system (grain storage). Warranty makes it possible to sell crops at a later date at a higher market prices, leading to higher incomes for the participating farmers. In the mean time, these farmers receive credit from financial instutions based on their stored grain, which serves as a warrant. 
Furthermore, the project is focused on the improvement of access to agriculturale inputs (improved seeds, fertilizer and crop protection) and grain markets.

Finally, farmers are encouraged to start a kitchen garden for their own consumption, and to prevent malnutrition by children. EUCORD sets up nutrition centers in order to train volunteers in the community for improved nutrition practices.



  • 3,700 farmers trained in agricultural techniques and financial management. 

  • 350 farmers are starting kitchen gardens.
  • Members of three farmers’ cooperatives are taking advantage of the credit so that they can sell their harvests when prices are higher.