Healthcare and agriculture

The unusual thing about the initiative in Burundi is that we link two themes: agriculture and healthcare. Farmers can obtain better seeds combined with agricultural training courses. Furthermore, training is offered to doctors and clinics in the region, thereby improving healthcare for the same farmers. This enables the farmers to produce more as they use better materials, but also because they are healthier. 
Burundi has been torn apart by ethnic conflicts for many years. Ninety-six percent of its economy is based on agriculture and livestock. Revenue is uncertain due to the dependence on the weather, low production yields, poor quality and poor accessibility to seeds and agricultural materials and a poorly-organised local market.

By investing in agriculture and healthcare, the Achmea Foundation is working on two fronts to improve the standard of living in Burundi.


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  • 6,000 farmers increase their agricultural productivity following training and thanks to using better seeds.

  • Better healthcare is available to 29,000 people.