Flying food program

Insects as a source of food are seen as one potential solution to the food shortage. Insects are rich in protein, relatively easy to cultivate and also convert feed into protein in a highly efficient manner. With this in mind, the Achmea Foundation and TNO are investing in the Flying Food Programme in Kenya.  

The cultivation and consumption of crickets is making a major contribution to the health of many Kenyans. Insects are often rich in minerals and vitamins, and moreover they are cheap to produce under various conditions. This project enables nutrient-rich food to be available to a large part of the poorer sections of Kenya’s population.
Another major advantage is that relatively few square metres are required to cultivate insects. No high initial investment is needed to start cultivating them at a profit. This means that it is precisely the smaller-scale farmers who can also cultivate insects, thereby providing them with additional income. The relatively limited amount of maintenance (two hours a day) also means that farmers can easily do this on top of their existing tasks, helping to spread the business risk. 


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  • 300 farmers cultivate and sell crickets.

  • Kenyans in the Kisumu region have access to affordable protein-rich food.

  • Sustainable market chain scales up as a result of supply and demand in the market.