The aim is to bring a new malaria mosquito control product on the market and help protect people in Africa against malaria. EaveTubes are an innovation based on wall tubes with removable gauze inserts, which attract night-active mosquitoes, block them from entering the house, and kill them with biocides. A key feature is In2Care’s static charged gauze, which transfers biocides very efficiently and can effectively kill insecticide-resistant mosquitoes. EaveTubes do not only protect house occupants from mosquito bites, but also reduce mosquito populations such that malaria transmission can be prevented and entire communities are protected. 
The project will start in East Africa to pilot EaveTube implementation in large-scale malaria vector control programs. An Operational Manual will be developed and validated to facilitate EaveTube uptake by governments and charity organisations. Results will be used to obtain registrations and approval from the World Health Organization. In addition, we will prepare distribution in several African countries via demo pilots and developing sustainable business models for EaveTubes commercialization. Our goal is to stimulate self-sustained product use and enable communities in disease-endemic countries to independently execute malaria prevention. 


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  • EaveTubes piloted and prepared for large-scale uptake by (inter)national malaria control programs 

  • Demo pilots executed in >3 African countries and protecting >10,000 inhabitants from malaria

  • Delivering a product with which local communities can execute self-sustained malaria prevention