Use of ‘good’ seeds, the right fertilizer and training can lead to farmers increasing their harvest by 250%. With this fact in mind, together with ICS and its subsidiary Agrics, the Achmea Foundation is investing in Kenya.

Agrics enables about 32,000 smallholders in Kenya to obtain certified seeds and fertilizer on credit. Farmers are also given training (by video). Better seeds yield a bigger harvest. Farmers are assured both of food for their families and of an income.

Agrics does not charge interest on the credit. Once a week, the farmers meet and pay off part of their outstanding debt. This means that farmers have about six months to pay off the costs.

In addition to the basic products, farmers can order other items or services, including chickens, solar lamps, storage facilities or tractor rental. Farmers can also attend training courses on agriculture as well as money matters.

Finally, in conjunction with Achmea a study is being conducted into demand for and the feasibility of non-life or health insurance among the farmers.



  • An additional 3,000 farmers are able to purchase seeds and fertilizer on credit

  • Video training courses have been developed

  • Over several seasons, farmers can increase their income by as much as 250%