​Hagelunie is a horticultural insurer that offers a range of products to greenhouse business. It works in close cooperation with local construction companies and suppliers, and is closely involved in innovations and developments in greenhouse horticulture. Hagelunie’s core commitment is to provide greenhouse horticulture companies with optimum advice and support with a view to ensuring the continuity of their business corporations.

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Email: hageluniedesk@hagelunie.nl

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​Hagelunie was founded in the Netherlands more than 100 years ago.

Hagelunie was established over 100 years ago when several growers put money into a jar, to be compensated in case one of them had a storm or natural disasters.
These growers operated in way they support each other to minimize the risks and threats they were all facing. Their commitment to a truly mutual approach to insurance remains alive and well in Hagelunie today, committing to the philosophy of our founding growers. This co-operation and partnership still drives Hagelunie today focusing on reducing the risk and not just insuring it.

​Who is Hagelunie:

  • Brings more than 100 years of experience as an insurer in the greenhouse horticulture sector
  • Is a division of Achmea Schadeverzekeringen NV, the largest Dutch insurance company
  • Is involved in innovations and developments in Greenhouse horticulture
  • Has extensive knowledge of risks in Greenhouse horticulture
  • Has a large network of suppliers and experts dedicated to the Greenhouse business
  • Gives technical support and advice with new Greenhouse projects
  • Ensures business operations can be resumed quickly after damage

​Risks in the greenhouse horticulture sector

Hagelunie focuses on preventing damage with respect to existing facilities as well as new construction and investments, which is often the perfect time to implement preventive measures. Introducing preventive measures affects the horticultural company’s risk profile. A good risk profile is as important for your business and our continuity.