Third Party Non-Life business

We believe in the value of long term partnerships with leaders in their field on basis of trust, a strong balance sheet, transparency, understanding of risk and a clear mutual benefit for both partners. Our team of skilled reinsurance professionals is dedicated to build these partnerships with our clients of the third party Non-Life account the same way we have always done. In fact, 2016, we celebrated the 90th anniversary with one of our reinsurance partners.
Over time, the Non-Life account has transformed in accordance with the changes in our group’s strategy. The first third party Non-Life reinsurance policy as per the current underwriting philosophy was written in 2013.
We focus on Ultimate Nett Loss (UNL) retrocession business, writing:
  • Property Catastrophe risks
  • Worldwide but focus on modelled risks and perils that diversify well against our main domestic perils: Dutch windstorm and Turkish earthquake
  • Treaty business only (no facultative reinsurance) proportional (Quota Share) and non-proportional (occurrence Excess of Loss and aggregate Excess of Loss)
  • Selected partners with diversified portfolios
  • Retrocession of regional catastrophe pools
At this time, we do not write index products or cat bonds
We also write some traditional reinsurance for further diversification:
  • Mainly Property (Catastrophe & Per Risk)
  • Treaty business only (no facultative reinsurance)
  • Proportional (Quota Share & Surplus) and non-proportional (occurrence Excess of Loss and aggregate Excess of Loss) 
We work both directly with specially selected partners and on broker distributed business
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