Group Life business

​Achmea Reinsurance reinsures life business from within the Achmea Group, advises on accumulation of life risk exposure (catastrophe and pandemic), participates on projects assessing the reinsurance needs and benefits of specific life reinsurance structures at both entity and group level and arranges the transfer of life risk within or outside the Group.
​Five dedicated life reinsurance professionals cover all aspects of arranging outward
reinsurance business including contract negotiation.
Client focus is ensured by the front end responsible reinsurance manager
being deeply involved at all points of the process for new and renewing business.
John Bastiaansen  Joost de Jongh Yolande Pernot-Odekerken Elaine Turner Paul van der Velden
Reinsurance Manager

Reinsurance Analyst  Reinsurance Analyst

Senior Reinsurance Manager
& Marketing Actuary

Reinsurance Manager

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