About us

​We are the competence centre in the field of reinsurance within Achmea. Many of our staff have more than 10 years of experience in reinsurance. Our activities contribute to the continuity of the group. Our know-how and experience of reinsurance and related financial instruments ensure that the Achmea Group is able to fulfil its (long-term) commitments to its customers.
As group reinsurer we create financial value for Achmea in the long term.
We also offer reinsurance to a selected number of third parties to further diversify our book of business and enhance the profitability of Achmea.
When buying reinsurance or underwriting third party reinsurance, Achmea Reinsurance always acts in line with the group’s interests.

Our organisation

​​The heart of the organisation is formed by the Centre of Synergy & Innovation (CSI).  This project organisation focusses on result driven innovation, the development and empowerment of the employees and improvement of our processes. By working in this way we are able to realize our business goals and employ our people on the basis of their talents.
The daily activities are performed by the teams Reinsurance & Analytics and Finance & Risk. Where the team Reinsurance & Analytics fully focusses on clients (client intimacy), the team ‘Finance & Risk’ focusses on operational excellence. The teams are supported by business support.
Our company is governed by a statutory board of directors and a supervisory board. The statutory board of directors approves the strategy of Achmea Reinsurance, the supervisory board monitors the statutory board of directors, overseeing the board’s conduct and general business management. It plays an important role in Achmea Reinsurance's governance, in particular, by approving (or not) important business-related decisions.
The members of the statutory board of directors are Ewoud Bom (chairman) and Hans Mentink.
The members of the supervisory board of Achmea Reinsurance are Michel Lamie (Dutch)  – chairman, Margreet van Ee (Dutch) and Robert Otto (Dutch).
Achmea Reinsurance Company NV is a public limited company. Its statutory seat is in Tilburg, the Netherlands.
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Corporate Governance Code

On 15 December 2010, the Dutch Association of Insurers (in Dutch: Verbond van Verzekeraars) published its governance principles, also known as the ‘Insurers’ Code’. The Insurers’ Code sets out principles on corporate governance, risk management, audit and remuneration policy for application by Dutch insurers.

Achmea has chosen to report on the application of the Code at Group level because of the structure of its organisation and the Group’s governance. Achmea is aware of the social aspects of its business and the role an insurer plays in society. Therefore, Achmea fully endorses the Code and sees it as an important step in restoring trust in the insurance sector, safeguarding stability and protecting the interests of all parties involved.
More details on our compliance with the Insurers’ Code are available in the relevant paragraphs in the Insurer’s Code 2014 and in the chapter Governance in Achmea’s annual report.