Vereniging Achmea

​Vereniging Achmea (Achmea Society) is the Achmea customer society. The society was founded following the merger of a number of mutual insurance companies and health insurance funds. Vereniging Achmea holds 65% of ordinary shares and monitors Achmea. Each one of our customers is automatically a member of the society.

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Co-operative insurer

​Achmea is an insurance company with a co-operative background. How does this reflect on the company it is today? Achmea is a non-listed company aiming for long-term relationships with our customers. When a catastrophe or claim arises, we help people get their lives back to normal as soon as possible, and reduce the financial impact of a risk occurring. We value sustainability over profit. As Achmea’s largest stakeholder the society protects the continuity of the company. We want to participate actively in Dutch society by engaging online and offline with our customers and the Dutch public.

Earning our customers’ trust

​Vereniging Achmea has always invested in the co-operative principle and promoted the collective interest of our customers. Why? In today’s economy we have to earn our customers’ trust. Our social security, i.e. health, pension and others, no longer caters for the public’s needs the way it did before. Financial institutions are lacking trust. The co-operative model represents mutual interest, sustainability, and commitment to helping the community. This is how we build trust. The members’ council and the Board of Directors of Vereniging Achmea regularly deliberate with the Executive Board on company matters.