Our full story

Achmea’s story is our story. In the coming years, we’ll be building the Achmea of the future together. Our social role in helping people to deal with risks won’t change, but the way in which we perform it will. We are a leading service provider with daily relevance for our customers. We provide insight into uncertainties and offer appropriate solutions for dealing with them. We will also keep delivering the same service we’ve been providing for more than 200 years. If damage occurs, we will provide compensation and assist our customers in recovering.

We’re doing this in revolutionary times

Society is changing rapidly. We’re building smart cities, we are conjuring up organs from a 3D printer, and more and more factories are able to operate with fewer and fewer employees. This is all made possible by great leaps forward in areas such as robotics, artificial intelligence, telematics, big data, machine learning, nanotechnology and the internet of things.
This also has a large influence on the areas in which Achmea moves with its brands and services. Think about it. More and more, we are using wearables to monitor our health. Cars not only take over actions from drivers, they even drive themselves. Smart homes allow us to remotely control lighting, energy use, temperature and entertainment, and alert us to break-ins, fire and flooding.
And there are more things in the world that affect us. The political climate is turbulent, both domestically and abroad. The economy has recovered, but will grow moderately at best in the coming years. Continuing low interest rates are bringing down our investment results. Supervisors, politicians and society follow our activities very closely (and rightly so), as well as the cost of those activities. Competition in our market is increasing, and organisations are increasingly being judged on their social added value.
Uncertainty remains a fact of life. Traditional risks (damage to your car or house) may be decreasing due to technological developments, but new risks are appearing in their place: cybercrime, identity fraud, data loss. Other risks are likely to be greater than expected, such as climate change.
There is therefore still a need for help in dealing with risks. How we address this is changing. Besides our existing role (compensating and preventing damage), we are increasingly helping our customers to maintain or achieve something. A healthy, fit mind and body, a feeling of security, a pleasant living environment, and financial planning that takes into account new uncertainties, new opportunities and an enterprising life.


This is the new world we are creating

As a leading service provider, we want to be relevant to our customers in their daily lives. Our customers are capable of choosing their own business partners, and can easily compare our services with those provided by others. They have greater responsibilities towards themselves and their families. They’re accustomed to online, yet personal service, and they turn to their friends, family or the internet before making choices.
There are new expectations and new opportunities, and we continue to adapt our organisation accordingly and remain at the forefront in offering solutions that meet our customers’ needs. In recent years, this has resulted in the development of many great services that have made us relevant to our customers on a daily basis in the areas of health, living environment, mobility and providing for the future.
In the private market, Zilveren Kruis helps people to stop smoking, lose weight and live a healthier life (Actify). Interpolis has launched ThuisMeester, which warns people if a fire breaks out in their house or there’s a water leak. Centraal Beheer has revealed RoadGuard as a start-up in the mobility assistance market.
Good things are also happening in the business market. With new services such as Healthy Enterprise (Zilveren Kruis) and OPEN (Centraal Beheer), we help employers with the questions they deal with on a daily basis. How do I get the best out of my people? How can I give them more control over their health? How do I deal with employees who are in financial need? What can I do to prevent burnout among young employees? How do I create space for informal care? What is the key to motivating people to think about their retirement?


We are going further than we have ever been before

That is exciting and challenging, and it asks a lot of us. Innovation doesn’t occur automatically when opportunities present themselves. Innovation is an attitude, a mentality that requires us to stay curious and courageous. It’s the will to lead and always seek out better solutions.
This applies both inside and outside the Netherlands. We’re going further internationally too, in Greece, Turkey, Australia, and since last year, Canada. Agricultural colleagues Peter Broekman and Olaf van Marrewijk flew from Schiphol to Toronto in 2016. They drove for hundreds of miles through the vast Ontario landscape and flew to Quebec and Vancouver to visit 25 greenhouse growers. They successfully concluded contracts with more than half of them.
Being meaningful to customers every day...
 ...is about having imagination, endurance and taking pleasure in discovering new worlds.
It’s about tinkering with an innovative idea, day in and day out, or the painstaking work of improving the usability of websites. It’s about speaking to customers with a smile, even when it’s difficult. It’s about racking our brains about how to get people to think about their retirement, finding the right tone in our communication and about being curious. It’s about getting angry, being frustrated, and experiencing everything from stress and mounting tension to the relief and delirious joy when something has worked. It’s about trying, trying and trying again. It’s what we are when we get the best out of ourselves every day for our customers.