Achmea is a large insurance company that provides a wide range of financial services and products. Achmea is governed in much the same way as any listed organization. Our brands serve about 10 million people with Health, Life and Non-life insurances. We focus on simple insurance products while keeping your premiums affordable. And when the unexpected happens, we help you manage your financial situation.

Achmea: a co-operative company

In 1811 the co-operative principle was vital to the mutual interest of a group of farmers. A number of like-minded insurance companies joined us in the years after. Today, we still are a co-operative insurer aiming for long-term relationships with our customers. If something unexpected happens, you want to protect yourself against the financial consequences. This is where co-operative insurance comes in. Moreover, co-operative insurance companies perform considerably well in economic hard times.

Our Insurance products: Health, Life and Non-life

We offer Health, Life and Non-life insurances, Income Protection insurance products and pensions. We do not deal with our policyholders directly. Our business is accepted through our brands, Rabobank or intermediaries. We have a diversified client base that includes: consumers, small businesses, listed companies and government organizations.

What else do we cover?

Achmea Reinsurance

We are Achmea’s competence centre in the field of reinsurance. As risk carrier we take over the reinsurance risks of the Achmea entities and partly retrocede them to the reinsurance market. We offer both traditional and non-traditional reinsurance services. More information on the website.


Eurocross Assistance provides global assistance. Such as medical assistance or roadside assistance. More information on the website.

Achmea Rechtsbijstand

Achmea Rechtsbijstand can help you or your company cover the cost of making a claim in legal disputes. Do you have a legal expenses insurance at Centraal Beheer, Interpolis, FBTO or Avéro Achmea? The cost of taking legal action can be expensive. Achmea Rechtsbijstand can mediate in insurance disputes and settling claims. Such as medical assistance or roadside assistance.
More information on the website.


Achmea holds a leading position in the Dutch insurance market. In addition,
we serve customers in Greece, Turkey, Slovakia, Canada and Australia. Which strategy do we follow? We are expanding our business in Eastern Europe because a greater geographic and risk spread is in the interests of all stakeholders. We will invest in markets only where we can realize economies
of scale. We mainly offer Non-life and Health Insurances through our banking channels or directly to our customers. We employ 2,800 people abroad.
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Eurapco is an alliance of independent European financial-services companies. It has seven partner companies with operations in 17 European countries.
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