About Achmea

Achmea’s story is the story of its employees. In the coming years, we’ll be building the Achmea of the future together. Our social role in which we help people to deal with risks won’t change, but the way we perform it will. We are a leading service provider with daily relevance for our customers. We provide insight into uncertainties and offer appropriate solutions for dealing with them. We will also keep delivering the same service we’ve been providing for more than 200 years. If damage occurs, we will provide compensation and assist our customers in recovering.

​“We have a strong competitive advantage over non-mutual insurers, as we can focus more on the longer term. This among others means that we can really put the interests of our customers first.”

Willem van Duin, Voice, August 2017

Interview Willem van Duin in Voice Magazine

Under Willem van Duin's leadership Achmea is focusing its work strategically around two key concepts: the first is the need to be customer relevant, and the second is to be trend-setting. Insurance is changing, and Willem van Duin and his team know that Achmea must be at the cutting edge.

Read the full article in Magazine Voice: the magazine of the international cooperative and mutual insurance federation. 

We’re building the Achmea of the future together


Milou Slots

​Achmea’s story is the story of Milou Slots who, together with Ymere and Accenture, works on improving safety for residents with Homies. It’s a smart alarm system that makes use of WhatsApp alerts to warn your neighbourhood if something is wrong, enabling residents to help each other sooner and faster. “This is how we can make our neighbourhood safer and increase the sense of unity between us.”

Sylvia Matser

​It’s the story of Sylvia Matser, who is deeply committed to repositioning Centraal Beheer as a financial service provider: “Helping people to build a good financial future in a timely manner is more important than ever.”

Chantal van Lohuizen

​It’s the story of Chantal van Lohuizen, who has at least 20 customers on the phone every day seeking information about their insurance. A day without laughter is a day wasted, according to Chantal, and the customers on the other end of the line notice that too.

Facts & figures

Download the factsheet about ​Achmea: Achmea at a glance 


​We are an insurance company since 1811.
Achmea maatschappelijk


​We have a co-operative background.


Our brands serve about 10 million customers.


​We are active in 6 countries, 5 in Europe and in Australia.

Gross written premium

​Our gross written premium was 20 billion in 2016.


​In the Netherlands we have 12,000 employees and 2,500 elsewhere in the world.