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Privacy statement

Your data in safe hands

Are you signing up for an insurance or financial service? Then we will need your details. We find it important that you know what we do with your personal data and what rights you have, so that you can trust your data to be in safe hands with us.

What data do we use?

Most of the time, we will ask for your name, address, email address and telephone number, but sometimes we will ask for other details, too, such as your registration number for a car insurance or your bank account number for a direct debit of your premium. What details we need will vary from product to product. Usually, you yourself will provide us with your details, at other times we obtain your data in a different manner. For instance, we can retrieve from Roy-data how many years you have driven without submitting a claim. 

We also use cookies

Met cookies we are able to show or send you information, offers and advertisements which suit you. You can read what cookies are and how we deal with cookies in our cookie policy.

What do we use your data for?

We use your data to
  • Offer you a product or service.
  • Take out a product or service.
  • Enter into and perform a contract with you.
  • Map your needs and preferences.
  • Make our products and services better match your needs.
  • Make you a personal offer at the right time.
  • Assess our risks.
  • Prevent fraud. In a personal investigation we can also use information which we find about you on the Internet.
  • Conduct scientific, statistical and market research.
  • Comply with the law.
  • Keep records of how and when we are in touch with you. 


Which contact moments do we record?

We record what we agree on with you. We also use our contact moments to improve our communication. These are contact moments, for instance, which we record:
  • Letters and emails which we send to and receive from you.
  • Telephone conversations and chats.
  • What you do and look at on our websites.
  • What you do and look at in our apps.
  • Our contacts through social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

Achmea B.V. is responsible

Achmea B.V. is responsible for all of Achmea's brands where the proper processing of your personal data is concerned.

Where we get your data and who we share them with?

At certain times we will forward your data and at other times we will check your data at other companies. We do not sell your data, but we can exchange data with:
  • Achmea's other brands.
  • Our suppliers and business partners, such as our datacentre supplier.
  • Credit Registration Bureau.
  • Tax authorities
  • The foundation CIS (Stichting Centraal Informatiesysteem).

If it is necessary to pass data on to recipients outside the European Economic Area (EEA), we will do this with the utmost care. Within the EEA, the same privacy rules apply. 
How do we make sure that your data are safe with us?

Our website, app and IT systems are safely secured and we always take measures to prevent abuse of your data. Our employees are also given clear instructions on how to deal with your data.

We are extra careful with sensitive data

By sensitive data we mean, for instance:
  • Your Citizen Service Number and bank details.
  • Your medical details.
    • Our medical consultant is responsible for the proper processing of your medical details. Employees will only have access to your medical data if authorised by the medical consultant. Our medical consultant and employees are under a duty to secrecy. 
  • Data related to criminal law.
    • We may ask if you have a criminal record if we have to assess the risk for an insurance of financial product. If it is more than 8 years ago since you were suspected or convicted, you will not need to report it.

How long do we keep your data?

We will keep your data as long as we need them or as long as we are obliged to by law. After that, we will erase or anonymise your data. If we anonymise your data, we remove all data which refer to you, so they cannot be linked to you anymore. Anonymous data help us to gain better insight into our risks, products and services. 

Privacy rules and laws

We comply with the laws and rules for privacy. These are, inter alia:
  • The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • De Uitvoeringswet Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming. Dutch General Data Protection Regulation Implementing Act.
  • De Gedragscode Verwerking Persoonsgegevens Verzekeraars. Dutch Personal Data Processing Code of Conduct for Insurers.
  • Het Protocol Incidenten Waarschuwingssysteem Financiële Instellingen. Dutch Incident Alert System Protocol for Financial Institutions.
  • Gedragscode Persoonlijk Onderzoek. Dutch Personal Investigation Code of Conduct.
  • De Telecommunicatiewet. Dutch Telecommunications Act.

Your rights

The law also provides for your rights. You are entitled:
  • to retrieve your data from us.
  • to have your data changed if they are incorrect.
  • to have your data erased.
    • It often happens that we are unable to erase your data, for instance, because we still need them or we need to comply with the law.
  • to object to a certain use of your data.
    • For example, if you no longer wish to receive emails with offers from us. Our emails contain a link through which you can unsubscribe. You can also call us. In other cases, you must state clearly what you object to, so that we can evaluate this.
  • to withdraw your consent.
    • Did you give us consent to use your data? You have the right to cancel this later. From that time on, we will no longer use your data. 
  • to transfer your data.
    • If you have given us data with your consent or on the basis of our agreement. Transfer may take place to another party or to you.
  • to temporarily restrict the use of your data.
    • For example, if you have objected to the use of your data.

Let us know when you wish to exercise your rights

Send us a letter and enclose a copy of your passport or ID document. Please make your Citizen Service Number and passport photo illegible. We will reply within one month from receipt of your letter.
You can contact details on the website of your insurer.

Do you have a question, tip or complaint?

Send an email to Achmea's Data Protection Officer at You can also send a letter to:
Achmea B.V.
Attn. Privacy Manager
Compliance & Operational Risk Management
P.O. Box 866
3700 AW Zeist
Do we not find a solution? Send your complaint to the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens.

We can change this Privacy Statement

For example, we can do this if something changes in the laws or regulations, or if we develop new products or services. You can always find the most recent version on our website. This most recent version is of 2018-04-23.

Cookies statement

​Achmea uses cookies on this website. A cookie is a small amount of information which is stored on your computer or mobile device in the shape of a file. Cookies help us recognise your computer or mobile device if you visit us again. If we mention cookies, we also mean techniques which are similar to cookies, such as JavaScript, tags, web beacons, pixels and HTML5 Local Storage. On this page, you can read which cookies we use and how this affects your privacy.

Why does Achmea use cookies?

We use cookies to make our website work properly and to protect, analyse and improve our website, products and services. Cookies enable us to recognise you on your next visit and to develop a customer profile with your preferences. We use this customer profile to offer you:
  • social media;
  • personal service, based on what you were interested in on our website, for instance, when we send you information about our products and services;
  • special offers on websites of third parties in which you are interested. We do this together with companies specialising in advertising technologies.

How does Achmea deal with your privacy?

In our privacy statement you can read how we deal with your privacy and the processing of your personal data. It also explains what rights you have and for what purpose we will use your data. Achmea is part of Achmea. Achmea B.V.  is responsible for your privacy. We also store cookies of other companies for their own purposes, subject to those companies' own privacy policies.

We place different types of cookies

We use 3 kinds of cookies, i.e. cookies which affect your privacy hardly, a little and a lot. We would like to explain to you in what way we use these different types of cookies.
  • Cookies which hardly affect your privacy are:
    • Functional or necessary cookies. These cookies are always used, to make sure, for instance, that our website works properly from a technical point of view and is protected. 
    • Analytical cookies. We only use these cookies if they have very little effect on your privacy.
    • Affiliate cookies. These are cookies of companies which, for example, show our advertisements on their websites. We always use these cookies, so that we can pay these companies. If we use affiliate cookies for any other purposes we need your consent.
  • Cookies which have a minor effect on your privacy are:
    • Analytical cookies. We only use these cookies if you have given consent. They are used to collect statistics about, for instance, the use of our website and also to improve our website and make it more user-friendly. These cookies are also used to store data, such as:
      - Your IP address;
      - Technical features, such as the browser you use;
      - What device you use;
      - From what website you came to our website;
      - When and how long you visit or use our website;
      - What pages you visit on our website;
      - What products you take out. What products you take out.
  • Cookies which have a major effect on your privacy are:
    • Social media cookies of third parties  These cookies we only use if you have given consent. The cookies are placed by social media websites which we allow space on our website, such as Facebook's like-button.
    • Advertising cookies. We combine information from advertising cookies on our website and the websites of third parties. By tracking your web surfing and searching behaviour we can make you offers which are as relevant as possible. These cookies we only place with your permission. If you don't accept these cookies you may receive advertisements of products which you already have.
    • Other cookies. These are cookies which we place, for instance, to process feedback and reviews from customers. These cookies are only placed if you have given consent.

Telephone numbers and email addresses are not stored in cookies. You can give permission for cookies by clicking on 'OK' or by continuing your search on the website.

​You can switch cookies on or off or remove them

Adjust your cookie settings to cancel your permission for cookies. You can also delete cookies for which you have given consent:
• Adjust the settings of your internet browser  to delete cookies.
• Cookies of third parties may be deleted on . The cookies are then not placed back on other websites.

Good to know about this Cookie Statement

Achmea is allowed to change this Cookie Statement if there are developments in the company or if anything changes in laws or regulations. This Cookie Statement was changed most recently on < DATE> You will always find the most recent edition on our website, so check it out regularly.

Adjust your internet browser settings to clear cookies

Below you can read how to remove cookies in various internet browsers. Select your internet browser and follow the steps:
  • Clearing cookies in Microsoft Edge
    Click on the Menu icon (icon with 3 lines) in the top right-hand corner. Click on the icon with the clock, which is the 'History' tab. Click on 'Clear all history'. Now you can select what you want to delete exactly. In any case, tick ‘Cookies and stored website data’ and click 'Clear'. At the bottom you can tick whether or not you want these data always to be erased when closing Microsoft Edge.
  • Clearing cookies in Internet Explorer
    Click on the icon of a cog in the top right-hand corner. Go to the menu 'Security' > ‘Clear browsing history’. Now you can select what you want to delete exactly. In any case, tick ‘Cookies and website data’ and click on 'Clear' at the bottom of the window.
  • Clearing cookies in Chrome
    Click on the icon with 3 dots in the top right-hand corner. Click on 'Settings’ > ‘History’ > ‘Clear browsing data’. Make sure that at least the box 'Clear cookies and other website and plug-in data’ is ticked. You can also select a time range for the cookies. Click here on 'All time'.
  • Clearing cookies in Firefox
    Click on the icon with 3 lines in the top right-hand corner. Go to ‘Options’ > ‘Privacy’. Click on 'Clear recent history’. Under ‘Details’ you can select what you want to delete exactly. Click in any case on ‘Cookies’. You can also select a time range for the cookies. Click here on 'All time'.
  • Clearing cookies in Safari
    In the menu bar in the top left-hand corner, click on ‘Safari’ > ‘Preferences’. In the top of the window select the ‘Privacy’ tab. Next, click on ‘Clear all website data’.

Which cookies do we place?

​Cookie Setting ​​Purpo​​se(s) and consequences​​​​ ​Categories (Personal data) Storage time-limit​ Transmission to 'non-European' countries​
Relay ​42​ ​Hardly Registration of all cookies en permissions ​IP-address ​6 months NA
​Visual Website Optimaizer ​Hardly ​Keeping track of anonymous data of activated exeperiments ​None ​100 days ​​NA
​Google Analytics ​Hardly ​Keeping track of anonymous data to improve the website  None​ ​26 months ​NA
​Hotjar ​Minor ​Giving visitors the opportunity to give feedback. Returing visitors are recognized by assigning them a unique ID.  ​Uniek gebruikers IDvisitors ID. IP addresses are anonymised.
​12 months ​NA
​Social plugins (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ en Twitter) ​Major These cookies are used to make it possible to share content on the website or to like an item. data that is collected via these cookies, is stored according to the privacy policies of the relevant third parties. Please view these privacy statements for more information.

Google +:
Twitter:​   ​ ​ ​


Which cookies do we place on 

Website analysis

These cookies are used to register and analyze our traffic to measure and improve the performance of the page.
  • New Relic
  • Google Analytics

Third party cookies


These cookies are placed by third parties to be able to share content from the page to social media networks. If you do not accept these cookies, these functionalities will not work (accordingly). The data that is collected via these cookies, is stored according to the privacy policies of the relevant third parties. Please view these privacy statements for more information.



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